APS Photography

The following pictures were taken with either the Canon ELPH line of cameras or the Nikon Pronea 6i APS camera.

All photographs are copyright Michael Bower 2000.


Ooops, I think we have an infestation!  These "creatures" appeared one year on Christmas Day.  Don't know how we are going to feed them.

Shot with the Canon ELPH on Fuji ISO 400 film with flash.

Pennsylvania Barn

Pennsyvania Dutch Barn

This barn resides in the heart of the Pennsyvania Dutch country. It is actually a barn that was used during the Civil War. It is obviously well maintained.

Shot with a Canon ELPH on Fujicolor.


January 1, 2000 dawned bright and clear and chilly.  Not a sign of Y2k dilemmas so we were off in a balloon.  This was a wonderful way to start the New Year.  It was a "Unofficial Hare and Hounds Race" where the lead balloon, the hare, got chased by the other balloons, the hounds.  Once the hare lands, the other balloons try to get as close as possible to the hound and drop their marker.  The closest balloon wins.  We had one hare and 4 hounds.  This excursion took place in Maryland, just West of Gaithersburg, MD. 

The following pictures were taken using the Nikon Pronea 6i with either the Nikon IX 20-60 or the Nikon IX 60-180 lens.  All were shot using Fuji Nevia APS film rated at ISO 200.  In some cases, the photograph was actually taken by my daughter with me as the director.  "Now, Emily, stand right there, set the lens to ...."  She did a great job.  Maybe I can get her interested in photography after all.

Balloon Roadkill

Oh, dear, I think our balloon got run over.  I guess it is time for some CPR on get it back to life.

Shot on Fuji Nevia ISO 200 F/3.5, 1/350, Focal Length 20mm (35mm equivalent to 25mm lens).

Balloon Hotdog Roast

Now if you take the flame and aim it just right, you can roast your hotdog while you are inflating the balloon.  But it makes the propane smell even stranger with the hotdog smell mixed in.  And you keep getting hungry as you fly around.  But have you ever tried to take a balloon through a drive-thru?  Not easy.

Taken on Fuji Nevia film ISO 200, f/3.5, 1/250, Focal Length 20mm (35mm equivalent to 25mm lens).

More pictures will be added as time permits.